LaN Digital Fabrication and Rhino Workshop en San Juan, PR

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NUEVA FECHA  –  2-5 de diciembre

LaN Digital Fabrication and Rhino Workshop
San Juan, Puerto Rico

*December 2 – 5

location: Classes will take place in in the following location:

420 Calle San Antonio esquina Calle Sagrado Corazon, Suite 1
Santurce, Puerto Rico 00909

*tentative Digital Fabrication explorations by using the CNC machine at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas de Puerto Rico/ 10 tents 10 parameters 1

LaN invites professionals and students alike to attend a 5 day workshop covering Digital Fabrication in Architecture: from intro to advanced. Workshop will instruct on the use of RHINO as it pertains to digital fabrication (ie: rationalizing complex surfaces, preparing 3-d surfaces for various 2-d fabrication methods, creating solid models in Rhino for use with 3-d printing technology, among others). Valuable plug-ins (i.e. RhinoCAM & Grasshopper) will also be introduced and explored.  Students will leave with a comprehensive understanding of Rhino and a thorough understanding of current practices in digital fabrication.


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