NCARB otorgá horas de “IDP” por participar en competencias de diseño

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Desde este mes de octubre el NCARB otorgá horas de “IDP” por participar en competencias de diseño. Adjunto uncluimos el comunicado en la pagina del NCARB.

Mas informacion aquí – NCARB – Design Competitions.

“Effective 1 October 2010

Interns may earn up to 40 core hours in each IDP training area 1-15 for completion and submission of a design competition entry outside of a recognized work setting or academic requirement. Competitions completed for a firm while employed count for IDP credit under the related work setting. – The design competition must be completed under the supervision of a mentor and meet the following criteria:

Align to at least one of the IDP training areas 1-15, Be for a “building” or “planning” project, Be a formally structured competition with specified submission requirements, Sponsored by a recognized business entity, governmental agency, or professional association
The intern must be appropriately credited on the competition entry.

Expectations – Read the IDP Guidelines for expections for both interns and mentors for earning experience through design competitions.

Work Product – It is recommended that interns retain copies of all documentation related to design competitions completed for IDP credit for a period of at least three years beyond the date the experience is approved by their mentor.

Required Documentation – You must complete a Design Competition Verification Form. To qualify for IDP credit, the competition entry must be completed and submitted in compliance with the published design competition requirements.

Reporting Design Competitions – Completion and submission of a design competition shall be reported through the e-EVR in “My Supplementary Education.” Experience earned in each training area shall be reported as separate reports. Upload your completed Design Competition Verification Form to the e-EVR.”

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