The Spiritree: José Fernando Vázquez

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Proyecto: The Spiritree

Autor: José Fernando Vázquez Pérez, AIA de URBANA, CSP

Cliente: The Spíritree Forest Company

The Spiritree is a two-piece container composed of an organic bottom shell and a ceramic cover. The biodegradable bottom shell is made of peat moss, wood-chips, clay, recycled paper and other green materials, and works twofold as a cinerary vessel and as a tree planter. The top cover, a semi-porous shell with small perforations, protects the cremated remains while allowing water absorption. This process promotes the natural transformation of the Spiritree into a living monument.

“The Spiritree offers a poetic life-from-death metaphor as a celebration of the loved one’s memory, transforming the funeral rite from one of sadness into one of hope, all while promoting environmental restoration and awareness” said its creator.

Designed by architect José Fernando Vázquez-Pérez, from the San Juan – based, awardwinning firm URBANA, the product was initially conceived while conducting graduate studies as a Presidential Fellow at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). The product earned various distinctions, including a Red Dot Award, and is a finalist for the Japanese Good Design Awards and the German Designpreis Deutschland.

The Spiritree has also been recognized by The Green Burial Council as an environmentally sound alternative to traditional burials, and endorsed as an ecologically sensible method of disposition for cremated remains.

“We have truly incorporated the concept of carbon-neutrality into our product. The Spiritree is the only funerary product that completely arrests the carbon emissions generated by the cremation of a body, and more importantly, keeps capturing CO2 indefinitely in the long run. That is precisely what one would call “a negative carbon footprint” ” said Spiritree co-developer, engineer Enrique J. Vila-Biaggi.

Interested patrons can visit the company’s web site at A portion of each sale goes directly to fund land conservation programs in the United States.

Contacto: (a) página:; (b) correo:; (c) The Spíritree Forest Co., PO Box 10777, San Juan, PR 00922-0777, tel: 787-751-3708

José Fernando Vázquez

En diferentes ocasiones, José Fernando Vázquez Pérez ha sido arquitecto, carpintero, fotógrafo e inventor, pero dice “quiero ser artista cuando sea grande”. Estudió arquitectura en Cornell University [‘95] y fue becario presidencial en la Rhode Island School of Design [‘00], donde completó una maestría en diseño industrial. Desde el año 2000 es socio de la firma URBANA: Arquitectura/Diseño, CSP, que fundó junto a Rafael Castro. José Fernando ha llevado a cabo cursos sobre el diseño como herramienta de investigación, y ha enseñado varios estudios universitarios de diseño arquitectónico. Ha escrito sobre arquitectura, diseño industrial y preservación histórica a través de diversas publicaciones, incluyendo la Architectural Record, y hasta hace poco dirigió la revista ENTORNO, del Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico. Su trabajo junto a URBANA ha merecido varios premios AIA, y ha sido reseñado en publicaciones impresas y digitales, incluyendo la Architecture Magazine, ID Magazine y Business Week, mientras que su trabajo independiente ha sido publicado y exhibido internacionalmente. Recientemente ganó un Red Dot Award por el Spíritree, que también es finalista para el Designpreis Deutschland y el premio Good Design en Japón. José Fernando es arquitecto licenciado, miembro del Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico, y tiene varias patentes de uso y diseño registradas con el US Patent and Trademark Office.

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