Conferencia y Exhibición UPR: WAI Architecture Think Tank

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Conferencia y Exhibición UPR: WAI Architecture Think Tank

Cuando: Miércoles, 25 de enero del 2012, a las 6:30pm

Donde: Auditorio Jesús E. Amaral de la Escuela de Arquitectura, Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras

What About the Lecture / Exhibition?


The School of Architecture of the Universidad de Puerto Rico will hold the 25th of January WAI Architecture Think Tank’s lecture followed by the opening of the exhibition “What About It?: WAI Architecture Think Tank at the UPR.”

The Lecture, exhibition and accompanying publication will display a collection of the visual provocations, graphic narratives, architectural research and projects produced by WAI since 2008. “What About It?” features 14 of WAI’s published, on-going and unreleased projects, represented through animations, collages, drawings, story boards, magazines, and twelve scale models. What About It? will be on view on the gallery of the School of Architecture.

What About WAI?
WAI Architecture Think Tank is an international studio practicing architecture, urbanism, and architectural research. Founded in Brussels in 2008 by French architect Nathalie Frankowski and Puerto Rican architect Cruz Garcia WAI is currently based in Beijing. WAI focuses on the understanding and execution of Architecture from a panoramic approach, from theoretical texts to architectural artifacts, narrative architectures, buildings and urban and cultural conditions. WAI strives to make significant contributions to the collective intelligence of architecture, from the conception of intelligent buildings and masterplans to the production of fresh research projects, provocative pieces of visual art, and innovative publications. WAI is a workshop for architecture intelligentsia. WAI asks: What About It?

WAI Think Tank
Architecture Urbanism Research

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