PRDX 2010 – Open Design Competition

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arquillano PRDX 2010   Open Design CompetitionPRDX 2010 – Open Design Competition

Puerto Rico Design eXchange 2010

The Competition

For the first time in Puerto Rico, Designers, have the opportunity to exchange their ideas in one place, the Puerto Rico Design eXchange 2010. This is an open design competition for emergent professionals and students in six different categories. The PRDX2010 includes the following categories; Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design and Photography.

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GET – Nuevo presupuesto para el concurso

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arquillano GET   Nuevo presupuesto para el concursoNuevo presupuesto – $32,500.00. Nos complace anunciarles que hemos logrado aumentar el presupuesto para el concurso Galería- Espacio Temporal (GET). La propuesta premiada de la Fase II recibirá una suma de $5,500.00. El nuevo presupuesto total para materiales y construcción será de $27,000.00.

Marilu Purcell,
Directora de Programa de Artes Plásticas
787-725-2670 / 787-725-2671

Mas informacion sobre el concurso aquí – GET- Galería Nacional- Concurso de Arquitectura Efímera

Competencia: Design Against the Elements

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arquillano Competencia: Design Against the ElementsCompetencia: Design Against the Elements

Design Against the Elements is a global architectural design competition meant to find a solution to the problems presented by climate change. Spurred by the devastation wreaked in the Philippines by tropical storm Ondoy (Ketsana) and driven by a powerhouse multidisciplinary group of organizations from the private, institutional, and government sectors, the project aims to draw together the most innovative minds in the fields of architecture, design, and urban planning to develop sustainable and disaster-resistant housing for communities in tropical urban settings.

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